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Here at Brompton House, quality is the key to our tasty, fresh and lovable sweet treats. That’s why some of the biggest supermarkets and retailers are proud to place our products on their shelves, ready to go straight into the basket of Brompton House customers.

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Talking supply chain doesn’t have to be dry, especially when our sweet treats are involved…

At Brompton House, our values of quality, reliability and family feed into everything we do, that means caring about everything that goes into making our products. We put a lot of work into creating our sweet treats, from our reusable packaging, to product development, to the supply chains we’re involved in. The Brompton House products that customers love are the result of our dedication to providing a service we’re proud of as a family.


From our kitchen to your shelves, Brompton House is stocked in Britain's favourite food and home stores.


Improve ability to supply sweet treats, get Brompton House products that buyers and customers love.

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